Europa illegaliseert vluchtelingen en migranten om hen effectiever te kunnen uitbuiten

At the moment the Greek riot police (MAT) as well as the Macedonian police and army is constantly attacking the people that are struggling to cross the border at Idomeni. On Thursday, 3rd of December, the passage was completely blocked for everyone. The people that are there (some are for almost two weeks) keep their resistance. As to be expected, UNHCR and all the NGOs left, abandoning the people and then coming back together with the strong police reinforcement. Some ‘volunteers’ are persuading the people to go back to Athens. UNHCR speaks about a three day ultimatum for the people to leave. In Greece, “camps” for the migrants have been prepared on isolated locations and a deportation by force is a threat. It has been clear to many of us since long time ago and now is even more obvious than ever: Europe – as a cooperation of capitalist states – is not meant to give people help and a safe life. There is a interest behind the “humanitarian passage” that was set up this autumn. A total control of the movement, selectivity, segregation, the EU member states only see useful human capital, a working force that any moment they can decide to send “back”. We stand behind the statement that no matter where from the people should be free to decide where they want to move and live! The Europe that is “united” with its governments and humanitarian organizations, will never open its outer borders voluntarily out of “good will” – because this capitalist Europe will always need illegalized people, or people with difference in status, as those who can be easily exploited. These European countries have colonized many people and are still doing it through their companies that exploit resources and the population in the “non-western” world. And now even more they are making decisions to do bombing and destroying, to declare a so called war.

No Border Serbia in We don’t need Europe. A struggle for freedom and autonomy must refuse the concept of europe itself (Nobordersebia)