Nigerians aboard a plane stopped the deportation of a Nigerian from Amsterdam to Lagos. The deportee was held in cuffs and put on the plane. Nigerians protested and asked the security officials to take the chain off the Nigerian. They also prevented the flight from taking off as they teamed up to stop the deportation of the victim. Putting the deportee on cuffs while on a plane was too much for the people of his country to bear; thus, they revolted. Nigerians held their phones in hand as they recorded the whole scenario. They asked the officials to take the deportee off the plane and let him be. They made a video of the deported man in order to monitor his progress as they were unsure of what they would do to him afterwards. Security officials on the plane tried making the Nigerians present calm down but all to no avail. Children cried while aboard as the fight terrified them. The victim of deportation was being sent back to his country because of his papers. Nigerians were angry because the deportee was being chained like a criminal because of some documents. The government was blamed for this incident as they found it ridiculous for one of theirs to be treated the way the officials handled the guy. To make the officials know how serious they were, they promised to release the video and make the incident known by everyone at home and abroad.

Temitope Popoola in Nigerians flying from Amsterdam to Lagos stop the deportation of a Nigerian in handcuffs (photos, video) (Gossip)

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