De klimaatcrisis is een koloniale crisis met dekoloniale oplossingen (video)

As we hit the month of March with many protests… me and some of my friends were missing in the Klimaat Alarm mobilization happening in over 40 cities a relatable narrative: one that acknowledges the climate crisis as a colonial crisis with decolonial answers. With a vision on accountability, making toxic companies fall and ending border racism and so much more. For many of us it is the same old story of comms favoring “easy access to join protest for white people with white hopes of better futures” rather than dealing with painful and complex histories of harm that has seen mass movement around the world for 500 years fighting back against eco-genocide. In turn making climate protest seem rather deceitful to many people of color. We don’t want to be ‘included’ into a picture of protest – we want the protest to be more anti-oppression. We made this humble short little video to say why we protest & what it is about.

Chihiro Geuzebroek