Migrant vertelt over haar ervaringen met de politie tijdens het Pegida-protest in Breda

On the beginning everything was peaceful, cops seperated us from the pegida supporters, we have been shouting against them and for the refugees. Shit happened when bunch of people tried to join us. Cops attacked them straight, without any reason and without any warning. They just start beating people with the batons and run behind them, when they tried to run away. We left the protest in that moment to check what happened with those attacked antirascists. We saw the same group of people, still beaten by riot cops and running away. In this moment I felt pain in my arm and ribs and I realised that cop just hit me by the baton and push me onto the chairs and tables of the café nearby. I’ve got a big bruis on my arm, few more on my hands and knees. I’m lucky I hit those chairs mostly by my knees and hands, not for example by my face. Then I realised they attacked my husband too. When my husband asked why the cop attacked us without a reason, cop answered: “Go back to your country!” We’ve moved from there, because we didn’t want to be arrested. Few minutes later, few street further cops blocked us again. They didn’t let us cross the street and yelled on us, that we have to move back. I asked cops why and I heard “Shut up, bitch!” in an answer.

In What the fuck is wrong with the Dutch cops? (AB)