Massoud Hossaini: ”If you forget Afghanistan, you have to expect another 9/11” (video)

Massoud spreekt de demonstranten toe vanachter een lessenaar waar een Afghaanse vlag aan hangt. Massoud draagt een bruin petje, een blauw jasje en een spijkerbroek.

Last Saturday some 150 to 200 people joined the protest “Freedom for Afghanistan! Right to stay for Afghan refugees!” in Rotterdam. They listened to, amongst others, photo journalist and activist Massoud Hossaini, who talked about Operation Enduring Freedom and what that brought to Afghanistan and now the world.

Twenty years after the Enduring Freedom Operation, conducted by the US and NATO allies in Afghanistan, the world is free of Al Qaeda, so they say. And the world is free of Bin Laden. Sure, because he has been killed. But what has Afghanistan achieved? What have we achieved in Afghanistan? What we achieved right now is killing, torturing journalists, torturing photo journalists, torturing artists and all other intellectuals that are and were doing a lot for Afghanistan. Killing innocent people, genociding Hazaras, Uzbeks, Tajiks, even Pashtuns. This is what we get from this operation after twenty years.

Today is 11 September: the main reason that NATO and the US came to Afghanistan to fight. They deceived us: they promised us they will make the country better. But is it better now in Afghanistan?

I accept our situation, I accept our responsibility, what we did. I know our people, our politicians made mistakes. I completely accept that, but who has the power to change everything in Afghanistan? Who brought money and power to change everything there? For the future, for human rights, for womens rights? It was the US and NATO allies. This is undoubtful. So what is going on right now? Everybody here knows what’s going on in Panjshir, for example. Taliban forcefully tries to kick out, to exile people from their own home. And they give those homes to Punjabis from Pakistan. Is this the result of fighting against terrorists? Is this that justice that people were talking about and Westerners were promising us?

Twee borden, teksten: 'The world should stand by the people of Afghanistan' en 'Het is tijd voor een humaan asielbeleid voor Afghanen!'.

So if we are not free, no one will be free. Everybody knows that. The situation is really out of control. We don’t know what to do, they are panicked too. Your country panicked too because they left their embassy end of August, without telling even their staff because they were in panic.

Who has the most responsibility in Afghanistan? You had all the technology there, you were controlling everything in Afghanistan. How come you didn’t know that president Ghani would betray all of us and all of you? We had three elections, all fraudulous: 2009, 2014 and 2018. Who supports fraud? NATO and US and all Western countries. We were talking to you, we were shouting our demands at you, but you didn’t listen. And you can not get away from this responsibility now. You cannot close your borders so nobody can come in from Afghanistan: it is not possible.

Overzicht van de demo van bovenaf gezien. Het podium is een aanhangwagen. Erachter een bus met Afghaanse vlaggen en protestborden.

One solution I can bring you here. I covered war for twenty years in Afghanistan. So I know everything that was going on in that operation. I know where America or NATO betrayed, I know where the Afghan government made mistakes, I know where Taliban violated human rights and womens rights. And now, unfortunately, if you want peace, we have only one option and that option is to support the resistance group. That is the only way. If you want Afghanistan to be existing, to find any solution, we have to support the resistance group right now. You gave all of the support, all of the money, three trillion dollar from your own tax payers in the hands of Taliban now. And Taliban is now the most horrible, powerful terrorist group in the world. You don’t feel any threat? I’m sure you do. So once again, you can not forget Afghanistan. It is twenty years after. You can not forget Afghanistan. In forty years, you can not forget Afghanistan. If you forget Afghanistan, you have to expect another 9/11. Thank you.

Massoud Hossaini

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Massoud op het podium met achter zich de bus met spandoeken, teksten 'Free Afghanistan' en 'Geen mens is illegaal!'.